COVID-19 Update

Thank you for your patronage, as restrictions are being lifted across our state the Kitchen and Bath Worx showroom has resumed normal business hours. We are however limiting the number of people allowed in the showroom at any given time to 6, based on square footage. Face coverings are now required by the state to enter any public space or business, so please be mindful of these new guidelines. Also it is recommended to make an appointment before showing up to ensure you are able to be helped one on one. We thank you for your continued support. Have a blessed day.

Why purchase from a showroom

So you're planning to remodel your kitchen. Where do you start? If you are like most consumers, you start online. You find an awesome looking sink or faucet and order it. When it arrives, it doesn't look like it did on the website. To top it off, the plumber can't install your online purchase because it is missing parts that make it work properly. You end up spending more money than you anticipated and your project takes twice as long. Could the issue have been avoided? Why certainly!

Brick and mortar showrooms are the best way to purchase your plumbing needs for several reasons, the first being that Baker Pipe and Kitchen & Bath Worx will be there every step of the way to help you pick out exactly what you want. They only sell products in which they have confidence in. Their team won't lead you toward an item that is inferior or that is not easy for your plumber to install. The team is also there for you should something go wrong. Example: if one of the accessories is broken during installation or the finish gets scratched, the team will handle the process of getting a new part to complete your project. Baker Pipe and Kitchen & Bath Worx removes the stress so that you can enjoy your new purchase.

Many consumers are on a budget when building or starting home improvements and need to cut costs where they can. Sometimes saving a few dollars can mean sacrificing knowledge and quality. How often have you been in a big box store needing help? You flag down an associate only to find they “don't work in that department” and you get stuck waiting around for help that never comes. Yes, they may be able to offer you materials at a great discount but when someone from the paint department is trying to help you select plumbing fixtures for your home, can you trust their knowledge and decisions?

In conclusion, the advantage of visiting a kitchen and bath showroom is the ability to see and touch the products along with having a trained professional on site. The team at Baker Pipe and Kitchen & Bath Worx has the knowledge and expertise to provide you with everything you need to complete your project. With years of experience in the industry they can answer any questions that you have about warranties or functionality of the products you have purchased. A company's reputation is very important and Baker Pipe & Kitchen & Bath Worx wants you to ultimately love everything about your experience so you can spread the word. As a small business our team is honored to serve you.


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