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Are you planning to remodel a kitchen or bath? Maybe you are building the dream house that you have always wanted. Baker Pipe and Kitchen & Bath Worx can help bring your project to life with our extensive knowledge of the latest plumbing trends.

Whether you are wanting something vintage or sleek and modern, or if you are just looking for a fresh look on the traditional, the team at Baker Pipe and Kitchen & Bath Worx can make it happen.

Before you visit the showroom, it is suggested you have an idea of the look you are trying to achieve. It could be something you saw in a magazine, on TV, or even on social media. Having some idea of what you want your home to look like will make your visit go smoother. Bring a list of any measurements you have with you, i.e., cabinet and sink sizes, plans or dimensions of an existing tub you are trying to convert to a shower. These measurements will help the Baker Pipe and Kitchen & Bath Worx team assist you in finding items that are absolutely perfect for your project.

Some customers are looking for budget friendly options. If you are flipping a house and want something that looks nice but is not as luxurious as something you would want in your dream home, the Baker Pipe and Kitchen & Bath Worx team can assist you in finding suitable, budget-friendly options. Just let the team know your budget limit and they will help you stay on track to have a beautiful kitchen or bath without breaking the bank.

Baker Pipe and Kitchen & Bath Worx has options for all types of projects regardless of shape or size. Come take a look around the facilities or send an email with any questions. The Baker Pipe and Kitchen & Bath Worx team will be glad to help get you started.


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